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Our software is being used in thousands of churches across North America, around the world, and in many different denominations and settings. Sunday Software is the leading producer of Christian software, Bible story software, and Christian Game software. This is our ministry and passion, and we've made it our business to offer you the very best Christian Bible story and game software, detailed and personal tech support, and quantity discounts. We've also gone the extra mile and created free printable outlines and teaching tips for most of our software. Learn more about us.

In addition to great software, we have some terrific Bible Videos we recommend, including the NEST Bible Videos, and the "What's the Bible?" Series of DVDs.

View our list of Bible Games Software... a specific list for those looking for Bible games software, as opposed to "Bible story." Many of our Bible story programs have games in them, or play like games. But if you're looking for something more 'gamey' check our list.

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Featured Bible Story Software 
Here's a short list of some of our Sunday software-made CDs...

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Awesome Bible Stories CD
Six major Bible stories on 1 CD: Creation, Adam & Eve, Jacob & Esau, Esther, Zaccheus, Parable of the Talents.  Animated, narrated, with kid-friendly study notes, built-in discussion questions & quizzes and reflection activities. Ages 4-15.

Galilee Flyer CD
Four “Jesus” lesson-games to select from: Beatitudes, Lord’s Prayer, Kingdom Parables (leaven, mustard seed, pearl, treasure), and Famous Sayings from the Sermon on the Mount (seek first, turn cheek, and more).  Students fly the 3D skies of Galilee matching verses and learning about the meaning of these important teachings. A Kid Favorite. 

Elijah & Jonah CD 
Elijah on Mt. Carmel…The Still Small Voice…. Elijah helping the Widow of Zarephath… Elijah passing the mantle to Elisha. Plus, the entire story of the irascible Jonah and his very patient God. Presented in an interactive comic book-like animated interface with pop-up lesson content, quizzes and games. Ages 6 to 17.  See our new Elijah lesson plan/handouts.

Prodigal Son CD  & Good Sam the Samaritan CD 
Two fun lesson-designed CDs about Jesus’ most important parables.

Five Loaves ~ Two Fishes CD 
The interactive game about the miracle of the Feeding of the 5000 NOW SHIPPING!  We also have a free 4-week lesson set for this story that includes games, skits, video and study.

The Ten Commandments CD 
Students meet with Moses then travel up the Mountain of God through three high-tech 360 degree navigable “photobubbles” shot on location at Mt. Sinai for this CD. Students explore interactive and animated study content ‘hidden’ within each photobubble. Unique and engaging.

Cal & Marty’s Scripture Memory Game CD
A fun memory verse computer game where you or your students edit-in the verses and unscramble them. Individual student tracking/scoring, Add -a- Comment & Add-a-Quiz features. View Description & Reviews.

Joseph’s Story CD  2.3
The lesson-adventure Bible computer game from Coat -to- Well -to- Pharaoh -to- Reconciliation.

Let’s Talk CD 
A new kind of program for use with any subject. Teachers & students create talking lessons, talking quizzes, and talking discussion starters using the computer’s ability to speak out loud. 

Jesus in Space CD  
Jesus’ Baptism, Last Supper, Road to Emmaus. Kids join Lt Stu Dent and Captain Paul Hammer aboard the Starship Tarsus for three different Jesus story lesson-adventures to alien worlds. Ages 6 to 15.

Abraham & Sarah CD
The Call, The Covenant, Sarah’s Laughter, an Abraham & Sarah story quiz, interactive map game, and reflection activities. A wonderful CD with great media, animation, interactive music, and kids telling the story. 

Exodus Adventures  CD
3 Exodus lesson games that teach and reflect on one of the most important stories in the world. Fly, run and explore the Exodus story terrains. Ages 7-adult.

“Faith Through the Roof” CD faithrooflesson
The story of the man let down through the roof at Peter’s House in Capernaum. Sail across the sea with Peter and become part of this important story. See our 3 week set of lessons for this story linked in the “Doc Box” on the CD’s description page.

Bongo Loves the Bible CD  
Four content-filled fun 3-D Christian computer games “about the Bible,” including: OT and NT Books of the Bible, How the Bible came to be, and a FOUR-level Basic Bible Competency adventure game (not trivia). Surf Mummies, Bongo-eating plants, bats, lava, crows –it’s no picnic in the Jungle, but it’s certainly a fun way to learn about the world’s most important book.

See our free 4 to 6 week lesson set “About the Bible” featuring Bongo.
We’ve also released a new 80 Question Expansion Pack for Bongo.
Print Bongo’s free “Read the Bible!” Poster for your classroom.

Attack of the Sunday School Zombies CD
A fun 3D style game about the right attitude to bring to Church. Some of the kids and adults have turned into Zombies about going to church, and Super Kenz the Bible Kid has to counter their excuses with Bible verses and great advice. This is a fun game that can produce a lot of great discussion! Learn more

Fluffy & God’s Amazing Christmas CD

The Whole Christmas Story in 5 interactive lessons… Prophet Promises, Angels Announcements, the Birth, the Shepherds, and The Magi.  Includes Isaiah 6 and Mary’s Song!

Name Badger CD
….a simple to use, single-nametag printing program that’s inexpensive, fast, portable, and fun! Name Badger prints single sticky nametags, registers participants, and registers their attendance when they print their tag.  Great for Sunday School use, fellowship events, seminars, worship, VBS registrations, and preschool check-in. 


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Why supplement your teaching with Bible story software?

Because the brain and education research continues to tell us that the mind loves to learn through interactive media. And...20+ years of teaching with software in the church has shown us that our volunteer students are MORE EAGER TO LEARN & RETURN with this type of material and engaging approach.

We believe in teacher-assisted learning. We suggest the "guide by the side" approach to using our software --where the teacher goes along with students through the interactive content.


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